Voices Are Meant To Be Heard (The Survey I’d Like To See)

I’ve searched high and low for Autistic surveys but found very few worth mentioning.  My quest was to find data representing Autistic voices about topics important to Autistics.  I was specifically looking for something that could be both helpful and informative.

I found only two.  But they did speak volumes.  Most likely everyone has already seen the results of those two but I want to quickly mention them here and offer links just in case anyone didn’t see them.

This first one surveyed nonverbal people for a research paper concerning methods of communication.  I found the results educational.  I think a number of the insights provided via written-in comments deserve more than just being tucked away into a paper.

Methods of Communication – Emma’s Hope Book

The second one was a much larger survey, that I didn’t know about since it was undertaken before I started this blog.  It provides a lot of glimpses into the difference between popular beliefs and the actual reality of matters.  I appreciate the fact that the results are organized to give relevant groups (i.e. females, nonverbal people, etc.) a voice.

2018 Survey – Autistic Not Weird


Both surveys are very insightful but I want to hear more from each of the groups.  I especially want to hear from the under-represented group of ‘those not officially diagnosed’ that is probably present but their voices aren’t distinguished in the results.

There are things I want to know that weren’t asked.  So I created the following draft for a survey that I think could be informative as well as very helpful for people like me.


A PDF version of the survey can be found here:  An Autistic Survey.


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